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...I cannot brain today. xD

Actually I'm better now, but at college today I was just like "Ugh, why am I not understanding these accounts?". Then I got it on the walk from the college down to the bus stop, and I felt dim. :P I'd been thinking of 3 accounts as distinct from, and all opposites to, each other. Except I knew that that was wrong, because 3 accounts can't ALL be opposites to each other as there's only ever 2 options for any given account - debit, or credit. Then I realised - I'd counted the accounts wrongly! (Derp) The "3" accounts were the Sales account, the Sales Ledger Control Account, and the customer(s) account(s) in the Sales Ledger. Except there weren't three of them at all - it suddenly made sense, the SLCA is the sum of all the customer(s) account(s) in the Sales Ledger, it's just a summary of them in total. So they aren't really there, and it's just the Sales account and the SLCA, and they *are* the opposites of each other. And as before, derp. :P

Tl;dr - trust me, the above makes sense if you know bookkeeping, and I realised I'd been thick all afternoon. I get it so much better now than I did during the class today! xD

Well meanwhile, Lisafest has been going well over at the WWOEC forum, and my 3 Lisa-related commissions went over well. They didn't go over quite so well at Rule34 on Paheal, though that's really not so much of a surprise. Rule34 is kinda filled with a bunch of trolls and some nice people who tend to keep relatively quiet compared to the trolls, so any attempts to share good art are met with comments like "that's not canon", queries about what your artwork is based on and then comments that basing it on a fanfic you wrote is dumb, people going "OMG you can't pair those characters together thats wrong"[sic] (yeah, and guro ISN'T wrong? lol), and loads of people just hating on each other for having different fetishes than each other.

I have received other artwork that is clean and cute - I'll post that up probably tomorrow (been busy today and yesterday at college, not quite understanding bookkeeping; c.f. first para), with more (apparently, hopefully) on its way. And many huggles to go to Xenny. :3 And Mann, you'll be glad to see I didn't overwrite the last journal again, no comments at time of posting! xD

Excuse me, I'm gonna go make sure my brain is working properly now before I start dinner. :P


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