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November seems to have flown by! I just checked the date of my last journal, it was 3 weeks ago basically. I thought it was, like, a week or so ago that I wrote it. xD

Was gonna say that I didn't have much to say, but now I'm writing the bulleted list below, I realise there's more stuff than I thought. Or maybe I'm just inflating my text again, I do that a lot. xD

1) Had the job interview for primary school Finance Assistant - it went pretty well actually, I was happy with how I did. Aced the Excel skills test (30 minute test? I was done in 5! xD Take a dataset, add a subtotal column to it, sort the table, produce regional totals - PivotTable thank you - change date format and resort the table again, what's the proportion of certain sales from the total? There was very little to it), and did reasonably well in the interview too. Well, I managed to answer almost all the questions (minus one about how I improved the functionality of the last office I'd worked in...which I hadn't really, I was a data entry clerk. >_>) and my stuttering wasn't as terrible as it sometimes is either.

2) I got a letter from the primary school last week. That was a shock in itself - most employers don't even bother to send rejections these days, and when they do it's usually by email, but I got a letter; cool. :) But yeah, it was a rejection. Ah well, I feel I made a really good show of it at the interview, so I don't mind too much. Arguably the furthest I've ever gotten yet. :)

3) Received Legend of Korra season 4 in the post! W00t! Now I can watch the complete series in one go! (when I get the time lol)

4) Had my Spreadsheet Software exam at college last week, did it in about an hour fifteen and slipped out quietly. I like to try to slip out of exam rooms quietly, I don't want to draw the other students' attention to the fact that I'm already finished and leaving while they're still about 2/3rds done, it's not polite to show off (and I'm worried seeing me leave might make them worried that they're taking so long and put them off....). Won't get the results for another week or two yet, but I'm pretty confident I did well. Because of that, had this week off to just relax.

5) Back at college again next week, learning about TAX. Yup, this is gonna be an exciting module, I can just feel it in my bones. :P But an important one I'd wager, and even the tutor said it's short and one of the easy ones, so it can't be all bad. Just this one and one more to go...

6) So, been working this week on private family tree research. I'm a member of Wikitree - if anybody wants to look me up for any reason (can't think why though lol) I'm Cooper-11629.

7) New commissions on the way, funded by money I've made online. They might be ready by sometime next week, but we'll just have to wait and see. The heroines of my favourite console videogames, the Soul Blazer/Gaia series. They look adorable! :heart:

Anyway, have a nice night, I'm going to bed now - gotta be up early in the morrow. Later!


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I really wanted to re-watch Woolma's birthday.
Yet-One-More-Idiot Featured By Owner Sep 3, 2015
Yeah, sadly some of them got lost back in the 80s, they weren't very careful with storing shows back then because they had no idea just how big the home video (DVD) market would become. About half of Rainbow Brite got lost too, which is another favourite of mine from that era (and what remains of Rainbow Brite is in awful condition - the picture is pretty good, but the sound quality has degraded to an atrocious level! xD)
tetsuwanatom Featured By Owner Sep 3, 2015
And American Greetings refused to release the DVDs officially.
But, recenly, Get Along Gang started having reruns in a certain brazilian channel.

Wish somebody could release these episodes, though they could be from the awful 2nd dub.
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