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August 6, 2009
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8 - Flying lessons by Yet-One-More-Idiot 8 - Flying lessons by Yet-One-More-Idiot
And the family members just keep on coming! :) I've skipped forward a few more years now, and the little brunette kiddo from the last picture now has a little sister, cute little Bethany.

And just why can't some Powerpuffs be born with green hair? I'm just making up rules of Powerpuff biology and reproduction as I go along anyway, so I figure "why not?" :giggle:

As usual Palcomix did an excellent job of this picture. The older sister, Brianna (or simply Bree to those close to her) is teaching her little sister Bethany (or affectionately, Bethie) to fly - by trying to get her to put her trust in standing on what is essentially thin air. Hence why they're practicing over a swimming pool, it's less painful if the lesson fails the first few times. :p

I cocked up the description here, unfortunately - what I meant to say was that Bree was hovering above the water, coaxing Bethany to stand on her outstretched palms, but instead I said she was "floating", and :iconbbmbbf: *bbmbbf put her lying down on a lilo, floating on top of the water. But that was entirely my fault for using the ambiguous (in this context) word floating.

L'il Bethie is sooo cute, I just wanna give her a cuddle! :huggle: She trusts her sister explicitly that nothing really bad will happen (well, she could get wet), but even so is still a little apprehensive. She doesn't quite realise that as soon as she puts all of her weight on Bree's palms, Bree's gonna move her hands away while keeping Bethie distracted from what she's not standing on (The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy school of flying, isn't it? :nerd: :D).

Here is the family tree of how they're related to the original PPG in my skewed AU fic-verse: [link]

ART BY :iconbbmbbf: *bbmbbf and Palcomix.

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Utonium family tree
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Thanks. :)
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Yay! :w00t: Adorable is what I wanted, so that makes me happy. :dance:
TheDusty321 Featured By Owner Dec 13, 2010  Student General Artist
I have a small theory. If they're born with superpowers, the properties of Chemical X must be written into their genetic code. Whaddya think of that?
Yet-One-More-Idiot Featured By Owner Dec 13, 2010
I agree, that's a theory that I too have accepted ever since I started following the Powerpuff girls. :) Which is why they're able to pass on their superpowers to their daughters in my AU series, and why their biology works differently (such as conceiving children without any male input...)

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Hey, I'm watching you now so that I can watch The Utonium Family Grow and Blossom
Yet-One-More-Idiot Featured By Owner Sep 19, 2010
Coolies, thanks so much! :iconthankyouplz: I'm sure I'll commission more pictures for this series at some point. :boogie:

Grow and "blossom"? Was that meant? ;P
Spoon300 Featured By Owner Sep 19, 2010  Student Writer
Y'know, As in Mature....
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