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August 10, 2009
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Do your best by Yet-One-More-Idiot Do your best by Yet-One-More-Idiot
"Do your best", a common saying in Scouting, and half of the famous "Dyb dyb dyb; dob dob dob" phrase (DOB stands for "Do our best", if you wondered). :nod:

As a (former) Scout, I'm being prepared and doing my bit to help advertise the World Scouting Organisation to the youth of today. And mispelling "Organisation" as "Orangisation" will not help me - that would only get me people from those old Tango commericals. :p
So I commissioned this piece from :iconarabatos: ~arabatos to try to make Scouting look cooler than it probably really is. :D

Anyone who lives in the USA and complains that Lisa and Allison's uniforms look totally wrong, starting with the colours and going on to name every other mistake - I don't care. I'm not from America, I'm English, so I used the UK uniforms. Also, Allison is only 7 (though Simpsons fans will remember she skipped a year to be in the same class as Lisa).

The grey uniform is for the youngest section of Scouting, called (in the UK at least) Beaver Scouts (ages 6-8), although really it should be a sweater, not a shirt. The green uniform that Lisa is wearing is technically for the Scouts section (10½-14), but it should actually be a green sweater, which is for the section known as Cub Scouts (or Wolf Cubs I believe, in the States, which is for 8-10½;)

Anyhow, they want YOU to join the brotherhood (and sisterhood, since 1990 :)) of Scouting! :)

Jokey advertisement over. :p

Lisa and Allison both look really cute in this picture, their uniforms really fit them well imho. Very pretty. :nod: I wish there had been more pretty girls in the Scouts when I was a boy....oh wait, there were, but they thought I was a geek. :(

That said, at least I was friends with the girls in my Scout troop; the boys all hated me, and often treated me as a traitor for siding with the girls. Yes, we were all becoming attracted to girls (many nights on camp, in our tents, would be spent rating the girls out of 10), but they still felt that Scouts should be a club for boys only, and the girls should go back to Girl Guides; I felt that having the girls in the troop made things more balanced, which was partially because I hated playing football. The others said I only stood up for them because I majorly fancied the Group Leader's granddaughter, but that is a blatant lie - there were other reasons too.... :boogie:

Wow, this rambled on, didn't it? :P Comment please, and tell me to shut up more with my next submission! :giggle:

Scouting and all associated trademarks are © the World Scouting Organisation, I presume.
Lisa, Allison, The Simpsons are © Matt Groening, 20C Fox.
THIS ARTWORK DRAWN BY :iconarabatos: :devarabatos.
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I love the way they both look
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So cute! I love Alison and Lisa's hair and pose are adorable :D
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Thanks! :glomp:
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very cute!
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