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August 11, 2009
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Simpson-Spuckler wedding do by Yet-One-More-Idiot Simpson-Spuckler wedding do by Yet-One-More-Idiot
I think this is quite a cute little picture, in spite of it depicting underage drinking; I personally do not approve, but it fits with the nature of the character, so I asked for that detail in the picture when I commissioned :iconarabatos: ~arabatos to draw the scene.

A little while after I first watched the Simpsons episode "Apocalypse Cow", in which Bart gives his new friend Mary (seen dancing with him above) a cow to look after and this is taken as a proposal of marriage, I got to thinking - what if Lisa hadn't gotten the news to Marge and Homer in time, and they hadn't successfully stopped the wedding?

I love the details that Arabatos managed to fit in here, without even being asked to; he really can do the Simpsons' art style so well, thanks to a near-constant stream of Simpsons commissions from myself and a friend. :D
The "tablecloth" is actually an old Confederate States of America" battle-flag, which the Spuckler family (Mary's lot" seemed to have just lying about unused. In the episode, the red sash tied around her wedding dress was a rolled-up flag, but trying to draw the detail of a rolled-up flag is harder, so I used it for the table instead.
The bottles of Duff brew were meant to be Duff Zero (the non-alcoholic version for minors, to get them hooked on the brand), but somehow Bart managed to get a hold of the real thing. Either Cletus didn't care when he paid for the wedding (maybe he doesn't mind his kids drinking), or Bart managed to grab some of a delivery headed for Moe's. He certainly takes after his dad's drinking habits. :p
Mary's flirtatious expression and pose are the high-point of this picture for me - exactly, EXACTLY how I imagined her looking; I think Bart's gonna get seriously taken by surprise on the wedding night! ;) :giggle:
The wedding cake and the view outside the marquee are just the cherry on top of this one. ~arabatos outdid himself. ^_^

Mary Spuckler, Bart Simpson, The Simpsons © Matt Groening, 20C Fox.
THIS ARTWORK DRAWN BY :iconarabatos: ~arabatos (Commission him today! :D)
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I love Mary's wedding dress.
I'm glad you love it. :D
i can't resist to her pretty bare feet :yum:
I know what you mean, I feel the same way...and so do quite a few others *coughBackwalkcough* :P
Awww, Mary's the best.

I want see her again.........

and more pictures.
There's gonna be a new episode soon with Mary making another appearance (her third to date), airing in the US on Feb 10. It's a Valentine's themed ep. :D
Shouldn't it be Moonshine?.. Wait that'll kiil them... It'll kill me also!

I don't think much of child drinking eigther, that and them tieing the knot at 10/11 years old.

But she is a great girl and they had great natural feelings for each other.
Yeah, they did. I'm glad they brought Mary back for the season 24 opener - and will be bringing her back again later this year for the Valentines' episode, too. :D She's a great girl, and I wish they'd have more one-off characters make occasional return appearances. :)

I think, when I commissioned this, I asked Arabatos to label the bottles "Duff Zero", which is the in-universe alcohol-free version of Duff marketed towards kids; but he didn't understand. And yeah, bottles of moonshine would be a great way to kill off those with weaker constitutions. :P
I think they may be doing just that and I read of that.
I think she is great, not forceful or in your face as Bart's other "lovers" but a natural girl with honest feelings that Bart returns in his own clumsey way.
Pluse I admit I like the modest and just going with the flow tomboy type of girl she is.

Yeah I read that, too think beer companys do that.
Heck I can take a bit, even the strong stuff but Moonshine oftern had stuff in it that'll kill anybody.
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